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"You literally take the hardest hits out of anybody I'd ever seen in my life. You know you don't have to do that, right?"

name - sun dial city
insight - taken from above, this photo gives a removed feel all the while encompassing several humans beings, each having their own set of emotions and lives. however, the numerous details that should create such a dense picture, result in obscurity in the face of detail.

name - a boy's errand
insight - whether you stumble upon something that awes and overwhelms you or a moment that is the antithesis of that. as if something is missing. like not all the information has been revealed. a glimpse of a bicycle left alone without an owner and an open door with a feeling of abandonment.

name - hazy harbor
insight - photography is the manipulation of light. here a rather, and maybe still, ordinary harbor, struck me as familiar even though i had never been there.

name - lives are easily broken
insight - taken on a type of film that has been pre-exposed, this image in a place seemingly half-forgotten and dirty, yet passed by thousands in the city gives a message that when pondered gives a juxtaposition and a numbness to that fact that its meaning is quite powerful.

name - the streets are paved with gold
insight - most of the picture here lies uninteresting and dull, yet there is a single spot that gleams and captures light nearly springing from the streets to leave us feeling a sense of hope.

name - it was windy that day
insight - all photographers can find a piece of new york city that lends it to their own adventure. here is nothing new. its brooklyn bridge and the nyc skyline. however, this picture gives me a euphoric loneliness.

name - the haunting on h street
insight - taken on pre-exposed film, a horror creeps in the longer you look. an almost ghost town aspect of this portion of dc leaves one thinking it is a movie set come to life to haunt you.

name - let me tell you a story
insight - whether or not this truly works, there is a subject I wish to focus on. the tall man in center-right in the foreground. here he is telling the girl to his left a joke, a fact, a question, an answer, and my favorite thing to imagine, a story that is being lost by the magnitude of the city.

name - lost here
insight - urban scenery can almost evoke an overwhelming sense of being lost.  like that of being in the middle of nowhere in nature. the camera pointed upwards making the viewer feel small; unfamiliar signs; the dark nature of the buildings. all leading to a lack of recognition.

name - breathe deep in the morning
insight - i am smiling at this refreshing and almost flourishing part of the city where flower, vine, and light creep in to give a visual to the saying "its a new day". the color mix is also warm and endearing.

name - everything in its place
insight - blues and oranges that trail into darkness combine with an awkward yet intricate section of housing that would often make one feel cramped. here, though, i feel as if everything is in place and exactly where it belongs.

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