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- 03

"Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives.  When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?"

name - voight-kampff
insight - off my first ever b&w roll, this image is packed full of ridged lines, harsh light, dark shadows, and a total lack of life despite the silhouetted figure. the center split down the middle by the light of the tunnel and the dark profile of the face leads to a rather dystopian image amidst a rather routine day.

name - adolescent adventure
insight - human emotion is most often seen on the face. however. here we can still interpret a sense of curiosity and adventure by the subtle body language of this young girl. the slight turn of the head toward the fort up ahead and the holding of her mother's hand give us a childlike feeling of discovery.

name - if you catch a glimpse, take it
insight - this brings me much joy. i feel i have captured my friend's personality here. someone serving others but still shining through. photography isn't always about that perfect portrait, landscape, or street photo. it could just be snapping a photo to go with a memory and that is an amazing experience.

name - let me be
insight - black and white removes so many distractions in an image and leaves behind the content that matters most: the human condition. there truly is no replacement for beauty in simplicity that is black and white. that is why it is still a popular medium in film even today.

name - lost in translation
insight - lucky i had my camera on me this day. as i was leaving a restaurant, i saw what i believe to be a grandchild translating a menu to her visiting grandmother. i couldn't tell you exactly what makes me well up with emotion to this image, but it does nonetheless.

name - hiding place
insight - nothing makes us feel human emotion quite like kids do. here we have a young girl playing hide-n-seek having chosen a music stand as her hiding place. does she know she's picked a bad spot? either way, it is unsuspectingly cute when she shushes me for giving her away.

name - the little girl who could
insight - few photos have i been more proud of. on an autumn day in spain, a small family enjoys a weekend by rowing on a city park pond. the parents caught in conversation that is entirely irrelevant to the little girl while she is completely enthralled in helping row the boat alongside her papa. 

name - in the mood for magic
insight - the holidays. its a time full of joy, nostalgia, and the magic of giving. out of all the queues of the holidays, the smell of an evergreen tree, the taste of a christmas cookie, watching your favorite season movie, perhaps the christmas light is at the top of the list of items that convey the holiday's magic.

name - the dogs are friends
insight - inside a heavily urban area, dogs interact and play as the two owners stand and observe their pets bond. while this list has been a tribute to the intimacy of the human emotion, the alienation of the individuals here despite being in such close proximity takes on a different approach all together.

name - to catch the last bus
insight - i wish to reset our understanding of the human condition. what we see is merely the front that a person desires to show, often hiding their true nature and emotion. we truly never know what someone is going through. the world is better when we carry ourselves with respect and empathy for others. 

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