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"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life."

name - something lost something remembered
insight - upon a rainy walk in the fall that left a world where you could envision people tossing a frisbee, walking a dog, or sitting on a park bench reading. the fall colors only add to the nostalgia here.

name - the mountain morning fog
insight - where mountains normally pierce into the sky, here they fade into the foggy abyss. the transition from the dark water to the bright sky makes this photo even better in black and white.

name - in absence; overgrown
insight - in the midst of a pandemic, quarantine has left schools unattended to. here a grassy picnic area is now overgrown giving to a post-apocalyptic view.

name - my side of the mountain
insight - known as the blue ridge mountains, the glowing light gives a yellow hue. one of my favorite books, my side of the mountain, is really embodied here despite not being in the catskills.

name - surely the storm is settling in.
insight - slightly underexposed, the colors are flat and run together. the clouds were moving quickly as a storm settled in. the greyish blue flowed into every part of the landscape. it truly was dark and eerie on the mountain that morning.

name - canyonlands at sunset
insight - landscape photography truly is better in medium format. the stunning landscape in canyonlands national park is only enhanced at sunset as each ray of light provides detail and shadow alike. 

name - twitterpated
insight - perhaps my favorite photo i have ever taken, two birds circle on park benches. surely twitterpated.

name - from the cliffs
insight - the ocean turmoils continuously against the sunset cliffs in san diego. while this photo catches a moment in time in 2019, i imagine it is very much the same as if the photo was taken decades ago. there is a timeless sense about a photo of the ocean.

name - serendipity
insight - while this is a pretty sunset photo, i felt a bit at a loss for control. nature does not ask the opinion of man. nature shows its beauty and terror no matter the state of things. we are given one mind, one body, one world, may we be good stewards.

name - on the range
insight - hidden away somewhere is the idea that there is a peace that we will never know on a range somewhere we will never be in a life we will never live. film note: perhaps my best exposed shot.

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