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brett's choice

- 04

"I am older and I see things differently..."

A collection of brett's favorite moments...

name - i was a kid again
insight - using an old lens (and probably the wrong shutter speed), this image's blur turns a simple photo into a painting of colors. i could not pick a better photo for this too. the oil painting quality of this film shot only adds to the abundance of nostalgia i have for this place.

name - it has no place
insight - a small color palette of blues and reds and a trail of shoes on this lone dock simply stood out to me.

name - you give without expectation
insight - this man is my grandfather. all ive ever seen of him is that he lays down his life for his family time after time. here he is pictured taking a well-needed rest from his gardening.

name - me
insight - i hadn't quite taken self-portraits before until this photo. it is still rare for me to take one. but there is something to be said about the intimacy of taking a self-portrait on film. 

name - in the heart of the city
insight - it fascinated me that squeezed into numerous apartment buildings is a local soccer team's stadium. the team giving life to its community.

name - unbridled excitement
insight - not many of us can rival the joy of a child. this young girl ran to her family after her first ballet class eager to tell of what she had achieved.

name - rooftops in cadiz
insight - i was rather shocked to find that the rooftops of this small spanish beach town, that is full of white buildings, have quite vibrant rooftops. i also wish to note that film has pushed me to explore my surroundings more, find adventure in each moment, and search for the beauty around me.

name - a crescendo of admiration
insight - we invest our life in so many ways, the pinnacle of these being other people. it's not always that we see a return on that time or effort spent. sometimes the return takes years. this shot captures a man who has invested greatly and perhaps had a moment of fulfillment.

name - am i dreaming
insight - this picture is far from perfect. it's out of focus, grainy, underexposed, and has a light leak. however, i find it resembles that of a dream of mine. in dreams, things do tend to be out of focus, distorted, and you find yourself grasping for detail. 

name - the daylight illuminates
insight - taken in a tunnel in new york city that is known for its graffiti, this picture survives by a single light source that illuminates a portion of graffiti within.

name - have a nice day
insight - most likely only my 4th or 5th photograph ever taken, the layered feel from the smiley face grocery bag to the table to the server in the doorway all connect this photo into one.

name - washington marina
insight - one of my favorite spots in the district, the golden yellow sunlight bounces off this building. a good example of bookmarking a moment of beauty i wished to view again later.

name - hard work pays off
insight - whatever your goal, it is important to remember that your ability to focus and stay focused determines your reality. so whether your goal is to get better at photography or not, may you take this as a sign to stay dedicated to your goals.

name - color in the face of obscurity
insight - quarantine has truly shaped my thinking in numerous aspects of my life. photography is no different. here, while having to stay inside, i was forced to find beauty in that that is the most mundane.

name - surfin' USA
insight - on the beaches of san diego, the atmosphere is truly different from that of washington dc. and while we yearn for a space away from the stress of the city, these beach boys and girls have truly found one. 

name - a breath
insight - for many of the photos in this category i have given some insight into the photo but not always the true reason it has been chosen. for this photo, i am almost forced to look, breathe deep, and take a moment to slow life down. 

name - a composer of colors
insight - a local painter selling his artwork in sevilla, spain. while i simply steal the beauty around me, this artist creates beauty with each brushstroke. perhaps someday i will get into painting.

name - the worker's table
insight - a small living room here is view from outside a window. an almost organized chaos lives here, yet everything is exactly in place and shan't be moved.

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